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Conveying Equipment

  • DTII Belt Conveyor

    DTII Belt Conveyor

    The DT II belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mine, coal, ports, power plants, and building material industry to convey bulk material. The product features high productivity, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, continuous long一 distance conveying, stable...

  • Long Distance Horizontal Bending Belt Conveyor

    Long Distance Horizontal Bending Belt Conveyor

    As a global leading supplier of ultra-long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor, the company has been dedicating all efforts in research, development and application of horizontal bending technology since 1986 when the first 3.476km conveyor was brought into use, and has...

  • Tube Belt Conveyor

    Tube Belt Conveyor

    As an upgrade product of traditional belt conveyor, pipe belt conveyor features characteristics such as free from space and angle limitation, complete enclosure and high environmental protection. With successive launch of production and use of projects such as the 480large...

  • Large Inclination Belt Conveyor

    Large Inclination Belt Conveyor

    The company has been taking a leading position in terms of research, development and innovation of large dip angle incline/decline belt conveyor, and has numerous patented technologies such as deep "Vee" idlers, controllable soft start, large dip angle incline...

  • Movable Belt Conveyor

    Movable Belt Conveyor

    Since 1980s when the first mobile belt conveyor was developed, the company has been attaching great importance on technology research and development of mobile belt conveyor, and has been dedicating its efforts on manufacture of complete set of equipments featuring high...

  • GBZ Heavy Apron Feeder

    GBZ Heavy Apron Feeder

    Heavy duty apron feeder, with a strong conveying ability to transfer different bulk weight or different articles can be conveying to various material receiver, widely used as material handling process from the storage silo to the crusher, conveyors or others whatever in...

  • GBH Medium Type Apron Feeder

    GBH Medium Type Apron Feeder

    GBH medium type apron feeder is the old type with the know-how of Soviet Union Ural Heavy-duty Machinery Plant introduced in 1950s. It is a conveyor with chain as traction, generally installed under the storage bucket. When the chain panel operates, the machine feeds the...

  • OK Apron Feeder

    OK Apron Feeder

    The new medium panel feeding machine is designed on the base of Germany "O&K" technology, i.e. "O&K" panel. The machine is widely used for metallurgy, construction materials, chemical industry and coal industries. The materials with different...

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