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  • Side Scraperor Scraping Bucket Reclaimer

    Side Scraperor Scraping Bucket Reclaimer

    Side scraper (scraping bucket) reclaimer is a most versatile stockyard machine, principally for applications of reclaiming materials in fields like mine, smelting, water control, building material and chemical industry. Several kinds of materials can be stacked in the same...

  • Drum Reclaimers

    Drum Reclaimers

    Drum reclaimers, regarded as a kind of ideal reclaiming equipment with typical homogenization requirement, are applied for blending and reclaiming operations for bulk materials such as iron materials, limestone and coal in longitudinal stockyards. The machine has higher...

  • Portal Scraper Reclaimer

    Portal Scraper Reclaimer

    Portal scraper reclaimer can allow for either indoor or outdoor applications in longitudinal stockyards. It has been widely used in coal mines, coal related chemical industry, iron ore mines and power plants. The machine can be designed with a wide range of rail gauges (span)...

  • Bridge Type Scraper Reclaimer

    Bridge Type Scraper Reclaimer

    Bridge type scraper reclaimers are widely used for pre-blending applications principally for production raw materials such as iron powder of iron- and steel plant, limestone, raw coal and clay of cement plant, and raw coal of thermal power plant where high homogenization is a...

  • Bridge Type Bucket-wheel Blending Reclaimer

    Bridge Type Bucket-wheel Blending Reclaimer

    Bridge type bucket-wheel blending reclaimers are an excellent option for blending and reclaiming bulk materials like coal, concentrate and fines in raw material stockyard for fields like iron & steel industry. The reclaimer has the features including good blending effect,...

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