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  Ball Mill performance (2000-2015)
Dia/ Lenth (mm)volume   /m³Max.   grinding media/tSpeed(r/min)Power(kW)
1Wet Ball Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Datong   Jin Silver Mining Co., Ltd.2002
2Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406014000/600069.911316.81500Hunchun   Purple Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2003
3Wet Grate Ball   Mill MQS324513200/450032.86518.5800Fujian   Ma Hang mining Limited by Share Ltd2003
4Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366043600/60005510217.31250Pangang   Group Mining Co. Ltd.2004
5Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS273632700/360018.53920.5400Xinjiang   eight one iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd2005
6Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274522700/450020.63820.5400Xinjiang   eight one iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd2005
7Over Flow Ball   Mill  MQY366043600/60005510217.31250Pangang   Group Mining Co. Ltd.2005
8Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558525500/850018530013.74500Qinghai   West copper limited liability company2005
9Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506425000/6400117.821813.82600Qinghai   West copper limited liability company2005
10Wet Ball Mill MQS323613200/360018.55818.5630Ning'an   city in Mining Development Company Limited2005
11Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Ning'an   city in Mining Development Company Limited2005
12Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506735030/670012322714.43000Heavy   Machinery Co., Ltd.2006
13Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506745030/670012322714.43000Iron   and Steel Group Anshan mineral company2006
14Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506725030/670012322714.43000Iron   and Steel Group Anshan mineral company2006
15Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY365543600/55005397.517.31200Jingmen   City, Yang Feng phosphorus Mining Co.2006
16Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406014000/600069.911316.81500Chongli   Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2007
17Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Hancon   Linwu County Hunan province Chashan concentrator2007
18Grate Ball Mill MQS273622700/360018.53920.520.5Tangshan   Xinfeng Luanhe Mining Co. Ltd.2007
19Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274022700/400020.63820.5400Tangshan   Xinfeng Luanhe Mining Co. Ltd.2007
20Grate Ball Mill MQS273612700/360018.53920.520.5Kunming   mud flat Mining Co., Ltd.2007
21Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324513200/450032.86118.5630Luoyang   Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium Co. Ltd.2007
22Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY368513600/850080144.517.31800Luoyang   Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium Co. Ltd.2007
23Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY369033600/90008316317.31250Yunnan   Yuntianhua international chemical Limited by Share Ltd (Honglin branch   company)2007
24Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406724000/67007813816.21600Jilin   Banmiaozi Mining Co. Ltd.2007
25Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY487014800/7000119208152500Songxian   pioneer Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd.2007
26Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366043600/60005510217.31250Panzhihua   Junfeng Mining Co. Ltd.2007
27Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY466914600/6900106185152300Baoshan   Heilongjiang Mining Co., Ltd.2007
28Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY438524300/850011020515.72500Wuhan   iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd.2008
29Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506435000/6400117.821813.82600Chifeng   Ao Lun Hua mining limited liability company2008
30Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506415000/6400117.821813.82600Zijin   Mining Group Co2008
31Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558515500/850018530013.74500Zijin   Mining Group Co2008
32Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005510217.31250Tonghua   iron and Steel Group Mining Co. Ltd. slate2008
33Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406014000/600069.911316.81500Tonghua   iron and Steel Group Mining Co. Ltd. slate2008
34Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366033600/60005510217.31250Brazil   based company2008
35Over Flow Ball   Mill MOY506415000/6400117.821813.82600Campbell   Xinjiang mining limited liability company2008
36Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274512700/450020.63820.5400Campbell   Xinjiang mining limited liability company2008
37Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558525500/850018530013.74500Tongling   Nonferrous Metals Group Limited by Share Ltd2008
38Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558525500/850018530013.74500Tongling   Nonferrous Metals Group Limited by Share Ltd2008
39Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366023600/60005510217.31250Meishan   Shanghai Mining Co., Ltd.2008
40Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY456414500/64009713415.11950Henan   Lingbao Jinyuan Co. Ltd.2008
41Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406014000/600069.911316.81500Luanchuan   County Kai Hing Mining Co., Ltd.2008
42Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325413200/540039.57318.51000Fujian   Ma Hang mining Limited by Share Ltd2008
43Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506425000/6400117.821813.82600Jilin   Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd.2008
44Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS456024500/600087.115315.32300Yunnan   phosphate group Co., Ltd.2008
45Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY456424500/64009713415.11950Yunnan   phosphate group Co., Ltd.2008
46Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS486614800/6600107.5200153000Yunnan   phosphate group Co., Ltd.2008
47Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY486614800/6600107.5200153000Yunnan   phosphate group Co., Ltd.2008
48Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY457514500/7500111.417915.32500Ji'an   ancient Ma Ling Gold Mine Co., Ltd.2008
49Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY457614500/7600112.419815.32500Yunnan   Maoshan Copper Co., Ltd.2008
50Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY122411200/24002.44.831.355Xinjiang   QIANXING Mining Co. Ltd.2008
51Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY507555030/7500138.622514.43100India   VEDANTA2008
52Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506415000/6400117.821813.82600Shandong   Gold Group Co., Ltd. in Sanshandao Gold Mine2008
53Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY426724200/670085157.815.71800Golmud   Qinghua mining limited liability company2009
54Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324523200/450032.86118.5630Golmud   Qinghua mining limited liability company2009
55Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558525500/850018530013.74500Hebei   iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd.2009
56Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508325030/830015327014.43300Hebei   iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd.2009
57Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY459024500/900013423515.33000Hunan   three mining limited liability company2009
58Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY3811013800/1100011520316.82700Hunan   three mining limited liability company2009
59Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY323623200/360026.248.618.5630Middlings   international investment limited liability company2009
60Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213612100/3600112023.8210Middlings   international investment limited liability company2009
61Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY437024300/70009216915.72200Middlings   international investment limited liability company2009
62Over Flow Ball   Mill  MQY609516000/9500250463136000Yuxi   Dahongshan Mining Industry Co. Ltd2009
63Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508315030/830015327014.43300Yuxi   Dahongshan Mining Industry Co. Ltd2009
64Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY276512700/650033.461.420.5650Xinxing   Pipes Limited by Share Ltd2009
65Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558545500/850018530013.74500Heilongjiang   Baoshan copper Limited by Share Ltd2009
66Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005510217.31250Heilongjiang   Baoshan copper Limited by Share Ltd2009
67Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Heilongjiang   Baoshan copper Limited by Share Ltd2009
68Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508545030/8500156.427614.43300Panzhihua   new white horse Mining Co., Ltd.2009
69Grate Ball Mill MQS273622700/360018.53920.5400Fushun   Lai River Mining Co., Ltd.2009
70Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY276022700/600030.856.720.5600Fushun   Lai River Mining Co., Ltd.2009
71Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366033600/60005510217.31250Sinosteel   Shandong Fuquan Mining Co. Ltd.2009
72Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY369013600/90008316317.31250Sichuan   Lomon Phosphorus Chemical Co. Ltd.2010
73Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY557515500/750016930013.74100Wulatehouqi   Zijin Mining Co. Ltd.2010
74Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558515500/850018530013.74500Hami   anhing Copper Co. Ltd.2010
75Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS366013600/60005712017.31600Nanzhang   Lomon phosphorus products Co. Ltd.2010
76Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS486614800/6600107.5200153000Weng   Fuda state chemical limited liability company2010
77Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY557025500/700016829713.73800Sichuan   Lomon mining limited liability company2010
78Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY507025030/7000130.4243.514.43200Sichuan   Lomon mining limited liability company2010
79Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY486024800/6000101.5190.5152300Sichuan   Lomon mining limited liability company2010
80Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS366023600/60005712017.31600Lincheng   industrial Copperbelt Minerals Limited2010
81Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324523200/450032.86518.5800Lincheng   industrial Copperbelt Minerals Limited2010
82Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY559515500/950021936513.84800Jinchuan   Group Ltd2010
83Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406514000/650073.714116.21600Yunfu   Guangye pyrite Group Limited2010
84Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406714000/67007813816.21600Hainan   Mining Co Ltd2010
85Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY369023600/90008316317.31250Yunnan   Hongxiang Jinmai Industry Co. Ltd.2010
86Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274522700/450020.63820.5400Chongqing   iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd.2010
87Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS364513600/4500418717.31250Fushun   Xing Chau Mining Co., Ltd.2010
88Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY326013200/600043.78118.51000Fushun   Xing Chau Mining Co., Ltd.2010
89Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY386223800/620064.5119.716.81500Jiangxi   Duchang Jinding Tungsten Mining Co. Ltd.2010
90Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508315030/830015327014.43300Jiangxi   Duchang Jinding Tungsten Mining Co. Ltd.2010
91Dry  Grate Ball Mill MQG245012400/500020.82320.08400Qingdao   Security Co., Ltd.2010
92Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY153021530/30005829.295Jinchuan   Group Ltd2010
93Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS323623200/600027.35718.5630Jinchuan   Group Ltd2010
94Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005510217.31250Maanshan   Iron and steel (Group) Gushan mineral company2011
95Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY467514600/7500116215.515.12500Maanshan   Iron and steel (Group) Gushan mineral company2011
96Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558025500/8000175.2325.113.74300Yidu   Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd.2011
97Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Kunming   iron and steel Refco Group Ltd2011
98Wet  Over Flow Ball Mill MQS274012700/400020.63820.5400Kunming   iron and steel Refco Group Ltd2011
99Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366053600/60005510217.31250Xinjiang   and co mining limited liability company2011
100Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY456114572/610093.315115.12200And   the static Bayi China World Trade Center Mining Company Limited2011
101Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005510217.31250Dulan   Jinhui Mining Co., Ltd.2011
102Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY4.27×6.114270/610080.9150.215.71750Beijing   Hing Yuen Cheng economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd.2011
103Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY6.4×6.416400/6400184.730012.625500Beijing   Hing Yuen Cheng economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd.2011
104Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY457014500/7000103.6182.715.32200Jiangsu   Hexing burden Co Ltd2011
105Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325413200/540039.57318.51000China   Jinyu gold Materials Corporation2011
106Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005510217.31250Shanxi   branch of China Aluminum Corporation2011
107Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS324923200/490035.66618.7
Henan   branch of China Aluminum Corporation2011
108Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY467514600/7500116215.515.12500Baoshan   Heilongjiang Mining Co., Ltd.2011
109Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274012700/400020.63820.5400Baoshan   Heilongjiang Mining Co., Ltd.2011
110Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366023600/60005510217.31250Pangang   Group Panzhihua new white colored Mining Ltd.2011
111Dry  Grate Ball Mill MQG4014024000/14000159.8222.5163300South   Africa XSTRATA2011
112Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY214512100/450013.525.223.9315China   Gold Group Inner Mongolia mineral company2011
113Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366723600/670061.510017.31250China   Gold Group Inner Mongolia mineral company2011
114Grate Ball Mill MQS456814500/680098.920015.32600Hubei   Yihua industry limited company Songzi branch2011
115Over Flow Ball   Mill MQS-Y324513200/450032.86518.5800Fujian   Ma Hang mining Limited by Share Ltd2012
116Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508315030/830015327014.43300Shanxi   Taiyuan Wanbang charge Ltd.2012
117Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324513200/450032.86118.5630Guangdong   Canton industry cloud sulfur Mining Co., Ltd.2012
118Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY5.03×6.725030/670012322714.43000Benxi   iron and steel (Group) mining Liaoyang Jia Jia iron ore Co., Ltd.2012
119Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY4.27×7.524270/750010618715.672500Benxi   iron and steel (Group) mining Liaoyang Jia Jia iron ore Co., Ltd.2012
120Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY4.27×9.024270/900012522115.673000Benxi   iron and steel (Group) mining Liaoyang Jia Jia iron ore Co., Ltd.2012
121Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY5011025000/11000157.725013.62000Iran   PAMIDCO2012
122Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506415000/6400117.821813.82600Tonghua   group Dunhua east mining limited liability company2012
123Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY557515500/750016930013.74100Purple   Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2012
124Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274512700/450020.63820.5400Purple   Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2012
125Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213612100/3600112023.8210Purple   Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2012
126Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS365023600/500046.29617.31600Shanxi   Doyle Investment Co., Ltd.2012
127Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274022700/400020.63820.5400Shanxi   Doyle Investment Co., Ltd.2012
128Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY507425030/740013624014.43300Hunchun   Purple Gold Mining Co., Ltd.2012
129Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY369023600/90008316317.31250Sichuan   Lomon Phosphorus Chemical Co. Ltd.2012
130Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324513200/450032.86118.5630Sichuan   Lomon Phosphorus Chemical Co. Ltd.2012
131Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY457614500/7600112.419815.32500Yunnan   Jinding Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.2013
132Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS366013600/60005712017.31600Beijing   blueprint Engineering Design Co., Ltd.2013
133Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY456314500/63009316215.32100Shanghai   Group Holdings Limited2013
134Over Flow Ball   Mill  MQY6410026400/1000029841512.78000Lao   PHONESACK group2013
135Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY274512700/450020.63820.5400Lao   PHONESAC2013
136Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325413200/540039.57318.51000Harbin   Songjiang Copper Industry Co., Ltd.2013
137Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY457014500/7000103.6182.715.32200Inner   Mongolia DONGSHENGMIAO mining limited liability company2013
138Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324513200/450032.86118.5630Inner   Mongolia DONGSHENGMIAO mining limited liability company2013
139Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY507415030/740013624014.43300Daye   Hubei Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.2013
140Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506425000/6400117.821813.82600Tibet   Tian Ren Mining Co., Ltd.2013
141Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS456814500/680098.920015.32600Yichang   Haili Trade Co. Ltd.2013
142Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY406014000/600069.911316.81500Tibet   Shigatse Namling County Pu Dragon Mining Limited liability company2013
143Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558515500/850018530013.74500Hebei   iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd.2013
144Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324513200/450032.86118.5630Fujian   Ma Hang mining Limited by Share Ltd2014
145Wet  Grate Ball Mill MQS324513200/450032.86518.5800Fujian   Ma Hang mining Limited by Share Ltd2014
146Over Flow Ball   Mill MQS324513200/450032.86518.5800Shanxi   Xin times Mining Co., Ltd.2014
147Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY386623800/660068.6127.316.71700North   international cooperation Limited by Share Ltd2014
148Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY506425000/6400117.821813.82600Wulateqianqi   Xisha degait Molybdenum Industry Co. Ltd.2014
149Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY508015000/800014725714.43300Jinchuan   Group Ltd2014
150Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY558525500/850018530013.74500Jinchuan   Group Ltd2014
151Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY488014800/8000141210153000Heilongjiang   Lu Jiu Mining Co. Ltd.2015
152Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273622700/360018.43521.7400Hmma   Zhengjiapo iron ore in Changyi2008
153Grate Ball Mill MQG273612700/360018.43921.7400Fengning   Yu iron ore Co., Ltd.2008
154Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY184511830/450010.21926.8180Inner   Mongolia Bo Sheng Mining Co., Ltd.2008
155Grate Ball Mill MQG324543200/450032.86518.3800Chengde   Tianbao Mining Co. Ltd. Chengde Steel2008
156Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273622700/360018.43521.7400Huludao   eight shijiazi mining limited liability company2008
157Grate Ball Mill MQG366033600/60005611417.81600Beijing   Huaxia Dragon Mining Technology Co., Ltd.2008
158Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366023600/60005610117.81250Aohan   Mongolia mining limited liability company2008
159Grate Ball Mill MQG274512700/4500214521.7560Huludao   Linghe chemical Refco Group Ltd2008
160Grate Ball Mill MQG248012400/800032.46922560Shanxi   al-Qaeda Chemical Co. Ltd.2008
161Grate Ball Mill MQG155711500/57008.418.126.8155Shenyang   city sea diffuse metal plate Co., Ltd.2008
162Grate Ball Mill MQG273622700/360018.43921.7400Beijing   Ming Ze Investment Co., Ltd.2008
163Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213622100/3600112023.8245Changyang   new Shougang Mining Co., Ltd.2008
164Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213012100/30009.21723.8210Yanbian   Hai Hua Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.2008
165Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273612700/360018.43521.7400Shanxi   Licheng Powder Metallurgy Co. Ltd.2008
166Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005610117.81250Bazhou   Kai Hong Mining Co., Ltd.2009
167Grate Ball Mill MQG274512700/4500214521.7560Chaoyang   hang Yi Mining Co., Ltd.2009
168Grate Ball Mill MQG364523600/4500428517.81250Kuancheng   Shuangmao Mining Co. Ltd.2009
169Grate Ball Mill MQG366013600/60005611417.81600Sichuan   Anning ferrotitanium Limited by Share Ltd2009
170Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY214512100/450013.82523.8260Yanbian   Hai Hua Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.2009
171Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213022100/30009.21723.8210Yicheng   County Casting Industry Co., Ltd.2010
172Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005610117.81250Dongping   hundred percent Mining Co., Ltd.2010
173Grate Ball Mill MQG273612700/360018.43921.7400Qingyuan   Manchu Autonomous County Rong Yang Trade Co. Ltd.2010
174Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY214512100/450013.82523.8260Qingyuan   Manchu Autonomous County Rong Yang Trade Co. Ltd.2010
175Grate Ball Mill MQG364533600/4500428517.81250Kuancheng   Double Long Mining Co. Ltd.2010
176Grate Ball Mill MQG365033600/5000--17.81400Kuancheng   Double Long Mining Co. Ltd.2010
177Grate Ball Mill MQG273612700/360018.43921.7400Kuandian   Xin Ying Mining Co., Ltd.2010
178Grate Ball Mill MQG273612700/360018.43921.7400Chaoyang   Xinyuan Molybdenum Industry Co. Ltd.2010
179Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY214512100/450013.82523.8260East   Ning Chen to be able to co Mining Co., Ltd.2010
180Grate Ball Mill MQG324513200/450032.86518.3800Luanping   County Limin Xiao Ying Xiang Mining Co. Ltd.2010
181Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273622700/360018.43521.7400Xigang   lighthouse Mining Co. Ltd.2010
182Grate Ball Mill MQG274512700/4500214521.7560Tongling   Huajin mining limited liability company2010
183Grate Ball Mill MQG366023600/60005611417.81600Sichuan   Anning ferrotitanium Limited by Share Ltd2010
184Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366023600/60005610117.81250Sichuan   Anning ferrotitanium Limited by Share Ltd2010
185Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273622700/360018.43521.7400Ma   Yu Sheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.2010
186Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213012100/30009.21723.8210Xinjiang   Yu Kun mining supplies Co., Ltd.2011
187Grate Ball Mill MQG364513600/4500428517.81250Luanping   Datang Mining Co., Ltd.2011
188Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325413200/540039.47318.4800Luanping   Datang Mining Co., Ltd.2011
189Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366023600/60005610117.81250Department   of Panzhihua city industry and Trade Co., Ltd.2011
190Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213012100/30009.21723.8210Allah   Teng Inner Mongolia Mining Development Company Limited2011
191Grate Ball Mill MQG273622700/360018.43921.7400Vietnam   Mineral Metallurgy Co. Ltd. Shenglong2011
192Grate Ball Mill MQG324523200/450032.86518.3800Lin   Xi Panzhihua city industry and trade limited company2011
193Grate Ball Mill MQG324513200/450032.86518.3800Yingkou   Tiansheng heavy equipment Co. Ltd.2012
194Grate Ball Mill MQG366043600/60005611417.81600Chayouzhongqi   ZTE mining limited liability company2011
195Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366013600/60005610117.81250Liaoning   gold Baiyun gold mineral company2012
196Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY366033600/60005610117.81250After   living group Anshan Mining Company Limited2012
197Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213012100/30009.21723.8210Chifeng   Hexigten Banner Inner Mongolia Northwest Mining Co., Ltd.2012
198Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325423200/540039.47318.4800Xinbaerhuyouqi   Rongda mining limited liability company2012
199Grate Ball Mill MQG324513200/450032.86518.3800Chifeng   Hexigten Banner Inner Mongolia Northwest Mining Co., Ltd.2012
200Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY213612100/3600112023.8245Chifeng   Hexigten Banner Inner Mongolia Northwest Mining Co., Ltd.2012
201Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY273612700/360018.43521.7400Dongyang   Zhongkai Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd2013
202Grate Ball Mill MQG274512700/4500214521.7560Yantai   Xingbang gold mining equipment Co. Ltd.2012
203Grate Ball Mill MQG225482200/7000183122.8400Panzhihua   city of constant industry and Trade Co., Ltd.2013
204Grate Ball Mill MQG276022700/600031.564.521.7630Panzhihua   City, industry and Trade Co., Ltd.2014
205Grate Ball Mill MQG246522400/650026.549.822.1630Panzhihua   City, industry and Trade Co., Ltd.2014
206Grate Ball Mill MQG276022700/600031.564.521.7630Panzhihua   longxingyuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.2014
207Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY325413200/540039.47318.4800Shandong   Steel Group Mining Co. Ltd.2014
208Grate Ball Mill MQG325423200/5400386518.41000Miyi   County Tian trade limited liability company2014
209Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY276022700/6000334821.7630Miyi   County Tian trade limited liability company2014
210SAG MillMZS492114900/210037-14.2630Manchuria   Lang Cheng Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.2015
211Over Flow Ball   Mill MQY324813200/480018.35818.4630Manchuria   Lang Cheng Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.2015

  Bar Mill Performance (2006-2015)
Drum Dia./ Lenth/mmVolume   /m³Bar   Weight /tSpeed/(r/min)Power(kW)
1Dry Bar MillMBG-Z213612100/3600112720.9210Shanghai   to develop magnetic separation plant2006.01.17
2Wet Bar MillMBS-Z213612100/3600112720.9210Shanghai   to develop magnetic separation plant2006.01.17
3Dry Bar MillMBG2-244222400/420016.335.620.04350Steel   equipment Co. Ltd.2008.04.08
4Dry Bar MillMBG2-Z295112900/510029.66516.8560Shougang   Jingtang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.2008.04.07
5Dry Bar MillMBG244222400/420016.32920.04350Shanxi   Taigang Stainless Steel Limited by Share Ltd2010.04.07
6Dry Bar MillMBG-B244222400/420016.32920.04350The   steel slag steel factory2010.08.09
7Dry Bar MillMBG-B244222400/420016.32920.04350The   Bayi Steel Slag factory2011.04.07
8Wet Bar MillMBS324513200/450032.85016630China   Aluminum Corporation Shanxi branch2011.06.19
9Dry Bar MillMBG-B244222400/420016.32920.04350Shanxi   Taigang Stainless Steel Limited by Share Ltd2010.04.07
10Wet Bar MillMBS324513200/450032.85016630Uzbekistan   DEH Kanabade potash fertilizer plant2012.6.26
11Wet Bar MillMBS304213000/420026.85515.6400Japan   Kawasaki2013.12.03
12Dry Bar Millφ3.048*4.267m13048/426726.45015490Australia   New South Wales Kenbulan mills2014.12.11

  Beater Wheel Coal Mill Performance (1980-2015)
Unit Power    /MWCapacity(t/h)
1Beater   Wheel Coal MillS36.506/36Fulaerji   two power plant1980
2Beater   Wheel Coal MillS9.1009/9Shenyang   compressor factory1983
3Beater   Wheel Coal MillS9.1002/9Laiwu   iron and steel plant1984
4Beater   Wheel Coal MillS16.753/16Yunnan   Kaiyuan Xiaolongtan Power Plant1984
5Beater   Wheel Coal MillS16.753/16Yunnan   Kaiyuan Xiaolongtan Power Plant1984
6Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.754/14Hailar   Yimin mine power plant1984
7Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.754/14Hailar   Yimin mine power plant1984
8Beater   Wheel Coal MillS12.752/12Chifeng   Yuanbaoshan Power Plant1984
9Beater   Wheel Coal MillS18.7512/18Kaiyuan   Qinghe Power Plant1985
10Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.755/14Hailar   power plant1988
11Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.751/14Hailar   power plant1988
12Beater   Wheel Coal MillS12.754/12Xilinhaote   Inner Mongolia power plant1989
13Beater   Wheel Coal MillS12.754/12Xilinhaote   Inner Mongolia power plant1989
14Beater   Wheel Coal MillS45.50122×200MW45Tongliao   00629 force1989
15Beater   Wheel Coal MillS18.756200MW18Yunnan   Kaiyuan Xiaolongtan Power Plant1990
16Beater   Wheel Coal MillS18.756200MW18Yunnan   Kaiyuan Xiaolongtan Power Plant1990
17Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.754/14Inner   Mongolia Electric Power Bureau1990
18Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.754/14Inner   Mongolia Electric Power Bureau1990
19Beater   Wheel Coal MillS12.7593×125MW12Ulanhot   power plant1990
20Beater   Wheel Coal MillS45.50122×200MW45Shen   Hai thermal power plant1990
21Beater   Wheel Coal MillS18.751/18Jiuquan   Steel Corp1994
22Beater   Wheel Coal MillS40.5061×200MW40Yunnan   Yang Zong Hai Power Plant1997
23Beater   Wheel Coal MillS14.753/14Hailar   power plant2000
24Beater   Wheel Coal MillS16.754125MW16Chifeng   thermal power plant2001
25Beater   Wheel Coal MillS50.50122×200MW50Shandong   East China Sea Power Plant2003
26Beater   Wheel Coal MillMB3600162×600MW85Inner   Mongolia Yimin power plant2005
27Beater   Wheel Coal MillMB3600162×600MW85Huaneng   nine power plant2005
28Beater   Wheel Coal MillMB3600162×600MW85Luneng   Baoqing power plant2010
29Beater   Wheel Coal MillMB4100243×600MW115Laos   Hongsa power plant2010
30Beater   Wheel Coal MillMB3600162×660MW85North   United Power Plant2012
31Beater   Wheel Coal MillMQF340061×200MW80Huadian   Fulaerji thermal power plant2014
Note: the standard output is based on the   following conditions, that is, the moisture of coal Mar=35%, Kazakhstan's   grinding degree HGI=60, the fineness of pulverized coal R90=4%

  Double-inlet & Double-outlet Coal Mill Performance     (2006-2015)
Drum Diameter /mmDrum   Lenth /mmPower   /MWCapacity(t/h)
1Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD436012430060002×600MW70In   the power plant2005
2Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD4060B4400060002×200MW60Nanyang   Henan power plant2006
3Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD436610430066002×600MW79Huaneng   Qinbei Power Plant2006
4Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD4060B4400060002×200MW60Xuchang   Henan power plant2006
5Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD4060A12400060002×600MW60Hebei   on an electric power plant2006
6Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD40606400060002×300MW60Power   plant of TISCO2006
7Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD38549380054003×300MW52Lanzhou   aluminum2006
8Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD4060B10400060002×600MW60Pucheng   Shaanxi power plant2006
9Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill Performance14′×17′114′17′1×100MW/The   United States Energy Company Ruili2006
10Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceBBD47603470060001×350MW90Brazil   Kadiaota power plant2007
11Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS477236470072006×600MW105Shandong   electric power construction company three2007
12Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43606430060002×300MW70Henan   Wanji aluminium power plant in Xin'an2007
13Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40606400060002×300MW60Nanjing   Chemical Industrial Park2007
14Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436012430060004×300MW70Shandong   Weiqiao Aluminum Co. Ltd.2007
15Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS437012430070002×600MW79Zhuzhou   Hunan power plant2007
16Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40606400060002×300MW60Linfen   Shanxi thermoelectric2007
17Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40606400060002×300MW60State   power Yuci thermal power plant2007
18Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40626400062002×300MW65Yongchang   Gansu power plant2007
19Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS4060A3400060001×300MW60Henan   Mengdian group thermal Co Ltd2008
20Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS38546380054002×300MW52Shandong   Luneng Engineering Co., Ltd. (Brazil Barcarena UTE)2008
21Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436010430060002×600MW70Huaneng   Yueyang Hunan Power Generation Co., Ltd.2008
22Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS406010400060002×600MW60Shandong   Shenzhen Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (India)2008
23Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40544400054002×300MW57Hubei   Huadian Huangshi power Limited by Share Ltd2008
24Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS406212400062002×600MW65The   prestige of the cloud cast Guangdong Zahi Energy Limited2008
25Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43604430060002×300MW70State   power Yanji Longhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2008
26Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436612430066002×600MW79Sichuan   Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.2009
27Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40608400060002×300MW60China   investment Jincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2010
28Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS4060B12400060002×600MW60Yunnan   Huadian Zhenxiong Power Generation Co. Ltd.2010
29Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40626400062001×600MW65Huadian   Zibo Thermal Power Co. Ltd.2010
30Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40626400062001×600MW65Shijiazhuang   Liang Village Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2011
31Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436012400060002×1000MW70Zhengzhou   Yuzhong energy limited liability company2011
32Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS406012400060002×600MW60State   power Huozhou power plant2010
33Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436612430066002×600MW79Huarun   electric power (Hezhou) Co., Ltd.2011
34Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS476612470066002×600MW97Vietnam   Weng an2010
35Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40603400060001×300MW60Dongying   Binhai heating Co., Ltd.2009
36Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40626400062001×600MW65Henan   Shenhuo Coal Limited by Share Ltd2009
37Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436610430066002×600MW79Left   power plant2010
38Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40608400060002×300MW60Renqiu   power plant2010
39Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436012430060004×330MW70Shandong   Wei Bridge Venture Group Co., Ltd.2010
40Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436012430060004×330MW70Shandong   Weiqiao Aluminum Group Co. Ltd.2010
41Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436612430066002×600MW79State   power Nanning Power Generation Co., Ltd.2011
42Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS406212400062002×600MW65Tongzi   Power Generation Co., Ltd.2011
43Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS477212470072002×622MW105Vietnam   Yongxin power plant2011
44Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43668430066002×600MW79Huarun   Jiaozuo power plant2011
45Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS477212470072002×622MW105Shanghai   Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. (Vietnam coastal thermal power company)2011
46Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS38548380054002×330MW52Chongqing   flag electric Aluminum Co., Ltd.2011
47Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43608430060002×350MW70Guangxi   Fang Yuan electric power Luzhai power plant2012
48Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS4060A6400060002×300MW60Gansu   power investment Jinchang Power Generation Co., Ltd.2013
49Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43666430066002×350MW79Huarun   electric power (Yichang) Co., Ltd.2013
50Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS47723470072001×350MW105Chiping   source Aluminum Co., Ltd.2012
51Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS47723470072001×350MW105Guangxi   Xinfa Aluminum Co. Ltd.2012
52Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS43666430066001×660MW79Shengli   Oil Field Shengli Power Plant2012
53Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436612430066002×660MW79China   Guizhou Xishui Erlang power plant2013
54Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS38482380048001×350t/h52Guangdong   Manufacturing Co. Ltd.2013
55Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS40628400062002×350MW65Xingyi   Guizhou sunshine Asset Management Co., Ltd.2014
56Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS47723470072001×350MW105Chiping   source Aluminum Co., Ltd. Hao set power plant2014
57Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436636430066006×660MW79Chiping   source Aluminum Co., Ltd.2014
58Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS476612470066002×600MW97Guizhou   Jinyuan Garden Power Co. Ltd.2013
59Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436612430066002×660MW79Huadian   Fengjie power plant2014
60Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS436012430060002×660MW70Huarun   electric power (six branch) Co., Ltd.2014
61Double-in   & Double-out Coal Mill PerformanceMGS477212470072002×660MW105Yongxing   coal fired power plant2014
Note: the standard output of the mill is in   accordance with the coal's grinding degree HGI=50, received the base water   Mt=8%, through 200 mesh sieve of the particle is given by 75%.

  Midium Speed Coal Mill Performance (Power Plant)
Unit Power /MWCapacity(t/h)
1Midium   Speed Coal MillMP275122×1000MW95.8China   electric power plant in northern Tianjin2006
2Midium   Speed Coal MillMP225122×600MW58Henan   civil rights power plant2006
3Midium   Speed Coal MillMP16081×125MW24.7Xinjiang   Fu thermoelectric2006
4Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190102×330MW38In   Hebei, electric power plant2006
5Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1802coal   chemical industry33.2Puyang   methanol factory2006
6Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190102×300MW38Guangzhou   Shunde Desheng power plant2006
7Midium   Speed Coal MillMP235122×660MW64.7Huarun   Heze Shandong power plant2007
8Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2317122×660MW64.7Shanxi   Tonghua Electric Co. Ltd. Xuangang thermal power plant2007
9Midium   Speed Coal MillMP15082×150MW21Xinjiang   Fukang power plant2007
10Midium   Speed Coal MillMP200102×350MW43.2Huaneng   Ruijin power plant2007
11Midium   Speed Coal MillMP235102×300MW64.7Dandong   Huadian Jinshan power plant2007
12Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2217122×660MW58Hunan   Huadian Changde power plant2008
13Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190122×660MW38Shandong   Yili Aluminum Co. Ltd.2008
14Midium   Speed Coal MillMP200102×300MW43.2Inner   Mongolia Taurus (Jin Neng) power plant2008
15Midium   Speed Coal MillMP290122×1000MW109.4Huaneng   Qinbei Power Plant2009
16Midium   Speed Coal MillMP280162×660MW100.2India   city power plant2009
17Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212102×300MW50Huaneng   Group Company Poplar River Power Plant2009
18Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190102×200MW38Guangdong   Thermal Power Engineering General Corporation2009
19Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2552coal   chemical industry79.3Shandong   run silver Biological Chemical Co., Ltd.2009
20Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2353coal   chemical industry64.7Xinxiang   in the New Chemical Co., Ltd.2009
21Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1309coal   chemical industry15.5Yankuang   Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.2009
22Midium   Speed Coal MillMP13092×300MW15.5Xinjiang   Yanzhou Mining Group owned power plant2010
23Midium   Speed Coal MillMP150102×300MW21Self   owned power plant of Guangzhou steel plant2010
24Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2352coal   chemical industry64.7Yunnan   Yuntianhua Limited by Share Ltd2010
25Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2121coal   chemical industry50An   micro Linquan chemical Limited by Share Ltd2010
26Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2352coal   chemical industry64.7Luoyang   Henan Coal Industry Co., Ltd.2010
27Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212122×660MW50Anhui   Huadian Lu'an power plant2011
28Midium   Speed Coal MillMP14041×200MW17.7Yulin   Huitong thermoelectric Co. Ltd.2011
29Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190102×350MW38Xinjiang   new thermal power plant2011
30Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1406coal   chemical industry17.7Fushun   mining Refco Group Ltd2011
31Midium   Speed Coal MillMP170164×B60MW28.8Beihai   Binzhou Public Construction Investment Co., Ltd.2011
32Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212102×350MW50In   environmental protection project of power plant2011
33Midium   Speed Coal MillMP15082×135MW21Xinjiang   Fuxin Energy Co. Ltd.2011
34Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2556coal   chemical industry79.3Baofeng   Ningxia Energy Group Co., Ltd.2011
35Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190102×300MW38Datang   Hutubi power plant2011
36Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2802coal   chemical industry100.2Datong   Guangfa Chemical Co. Ltd.2011
37Midium   Speed Coal MillMP16012coal   chemical industry24.7Erdos   Coal Energy Chemical Co. Ltd.2011
38Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2123coal   chemical industry50Anhui   Haoyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.2011
39Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1309coal   chemical industry15.5Shaanxi   Changqing Energy Chemical Co Ltd2011
40Midium   Speed Coal MillMP16062×65MW24.7Indonesia   TJK BATAM power plant2011
41Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1604/24.7The   apotheosis of Baotou coal chemical industry company2011
42Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1406/17.7North   Bay (Guangxi Qinzhou) CLP Power Company Limited2012
43Midium   Speed Coal MillMP15012coal   chemical industry21Guodian   yinglite energy chemical group Limited by Share Ltd2012
44Midium   Speed Coal MillMP13016coal   chemical industry15.5The   extension in Shaanxi coal Yulin energy and Chemical Co.2012
45Midium   Speed Coal MillMP170164×B60MW28.8Zhanhua   County North Shore Material Co. Ltd.2012
46Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2352coal   chemical industry64.7Yangzi   Petrochemical Co., Ltd.2012
47Midium   Speed Coal MillMP265G2coal   chemical industry87.3Luxi   Chemical Group Limited by Share Ltd2012
48Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2005coal   chemical industry43.2Luxi   Chemical Group Limited by Share Ltd2012
49Midium   Speed Coal MillMP13012coal   chemical industry15.5Clean   energy project in Pucheng, Shaanxi2012
50Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1702coal   chemical industry28.8Shaanxi   extended Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.2012
51Midium   Speed Coal MillMP16016/24.7Lianyungang   Hong Yang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2012
52Midium   Speed Coal MillMP13062×25MW15.5Tongling   Nonferrous Metals Group Limited by Share Ltd2012
53Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212204×330MW50Shandong   Weiqiao Aluminum Co. Ltd. Zouping Sandian2012
54Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212204×330MW50Shandong   Weiqiao Aluminum Co. Ltd. table power plant2012
55Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2553coal   chemical industry79.3Cangzhou   Zhengyuan Chemical Co. Ltd.2012
56Midium   Speed Coal MillMP225102×350MW58State   power Langfang thermal power plant2012
57Midium   Speed Coal MillMP225122×660MW58Huaneng   Changxin power plant2013
58Midium   Speed Coal MillMP200102×300MW43.2Guohua   Guangzhou Investment (Liuzhou) power generation limited liability company2013
59Midium   Speed Coal MillMP212204×330MW50Yangxin   County North Shore Material Co. Ltd.2013
60Midium   Speed Coal MillMP2353/64.7Shenyang   city public utility Group Co., Ltd.2013
61Midium   Speed Coal MillMP1704coal   chemical industry28.8Shandong   run silver bio chemical Limited by Share Ltd2013
62Midium   Speed Coal MillMP245G122×1000MW95.5Jiangxi   Datang International Fuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.2013
63Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190G102×350MW50.5Huaneng   Luoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2013
64Midium   Speed Coal MillMP190G102×350MW50.5Huaneng   Mianchi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.2014
Note: the standard output of the mill is in   accordance with the coal's grinding degree HGI=50, received the base water   Mt=10%, R90=20%.

  SAG & AG Mill Performance 
Dia/Lenth (mm)volume   /m³Max.   grinding media/tSpeed/(r/min)Power(kW)
1SAG MillMZS643316400/33001075013.22000Jiangxi   Copper Corp2007.01.18
2SAG MillMZS403614000/3600422917710Jiangxi   Copper Corp2007.01.18
3AG Mill MZG303013000/300021.29.7512.95110Shougang   Jingtang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.2008.04.07
4SAG MillMZS643316400/33001075013.22000Ji'an   ancient Ma Ling Gold Mine Co., Ltd.2008.05.18
5SAG MillMZS556615500/660014413213.73000Yunnan   mineral Tiomin Resources Inc Beiya branch2009.04.15
6SAG Mill MZS884818800/4800278.823110.766500Yuxi   Dahongshan Mining Industry Co. Ltd2009.06.01
7Wet SAG MillMZS551815500/1800391815800Qingdao   China Hong Mining Technology Co., Ltd.2009.09.09
8Wet SAG MillMZS551815500/1800391815800Qingdao   China Hong Mining Technology Co., Ltd.2010.10.10
9SAG MillMZS505815030/5800108.859.714.42000Yotani   Yoshihikaru Copper Co. Ltd.2010.12.08
10SAG MillMZS64×4.1226400/412010612312.623350South   Africa Tharisa2011.04.12
11Wet SAG MillMZS552525500/25006014141250Xinjiang   QIANXING Mining Co. Ltd.2011.11.08
12Wet SAG MillMZS552515500/25006014141250West   Yili limited liability company2012.01.09
13Wet SAG MillMZS552425500/240053.820141000Liaoning   gold Baiyun gold mineral company2012.02.10
14SAG MillMZS616516100/6500166.8155143600China   Gold Group Co2012.08.20
15Wet AG Mill MZS643316400/33001075013.22000Ji'an   ancient Ma Ling Gold Mine Co., Ltd.2012.11.14
16SAG Mill MZS884818800/4800278.823110.766500Zhenkang   Haishan Mining Development Co. Ltd.2012.11.20
17SAG Mill MZS884818800/4800278.823110.766500Zhenkang   Haishan Mining Development Co. Ltd.2012.11.20
18Wet SAG MillMZS551815500/1800391815800Qingdao   Dayou Technology Co., Ltd.2013.01.05
19Wet SAG MillMZS603016000/3000785413.21300Yunnan   Jinding Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.2013.02.04
20SAG Mill MZS643316400/33001075013.22000Jilin   ancient Ma Ling Gold Mine Co., Ltd.2013.03.28
21SAG MillMZS9.15×529150/500029916510.88000Lao   PHONESACK group2013.11.12
22Wet SAG MillMZS401414000/1400167.417250Hunchun   Pioneer Metals Corporation2013.06.24
23Wet SAG MillMZS643316400/33001075013.22000Inner   Mongolia DONGSHENGMIAO mining limited liability company2013.06.13
24SAG MillMZS603516000/3500805513.21700Zhejiang   China friend Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Congo gold)2013.09.25
25SAG MillMZS8.53×4.2718530/4270203.514111.045400Asan   Kunming Mine Industry Co. Ltd.2013.07.16
26SAG MillMZS5.2×1.8315200/18303516.114.1630Russia   Magadan Suk Chang Jia - om root Marat River "Moon" concentrator2013.02.20

         Steel Ball Coal  Mill Performance
Unit Power /MWCapacity(t/h)
1Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ357082×300MW35Guangxi   Fang Yuan electric power guest power plant2006
2Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ388621×200MW55Changchun   thermal power development Co.2006
3Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ325882×300MW25Nanjing   second thermal power plant2006
4Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ357082×300MW35Guangxi   Fang Yuan electric power guest power plant2006
5Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ387982×300MW50Baishan   thermoelectric Ltd.Co.2007
6Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ325884×135MW25Xinjiang   Tianye Group Co., Ltd.2007
7Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ388342×200MW50Changchun   Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd.2008
8Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ388642×200MW50Changchun   Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd.2009
9Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ438641×300MW75Vietnam   Wang secret power plant2009
10Steel   Ball Coal Mill MTZ387262×300MW45Changzhi   Shanxi power plant2010

  Tube Mill Performance(1986-2015)
Drum Dia.(m)Drum   Lenth(m)Speed(r/min)Capacity(t/h)Power(kW)
1Tube   Mill2.2×6.5   m12.26.520.7918-19400Mineral   Bureau of Fuxin1999
2Tube   Mill2.4×13   m22.41321.621-22800Shandong   fertilizer into cement plant1992
3Tube   Mill2.4×13   m12.41321.621-22800Jilin   chemical fiber company1998
4Tube   Mill2.6×10   m12.61019.521-24630Xiangxiang   Hunan building materials factory1996
5Tube   Mill2.6×13   m22.61321.628-291000Shandong   fertilizer into cement plant1992
6Tube   Mill2.6×13   m12.61321.628-291000Sichuan   cement factory1993
7Tube   Mill2.6×13m22.61321.628-291000Guanghan   special cement factory1986
8Tube   Mill2.6×13m22.61321.628-291000Dawn   cement factory1986
9Tube   Mill2.6×13m22.61321.628-291000Changxin   cement factory1986
10Tube   Mill2.6×13m12.61321.628-291000Complete   sets of machinery and equipment1986
11Tube   Mill3×11m131117.65301250Mineral   Bureau of Shenyang1987
12Tube   Mill3×11m131117.65301250Benxi   Shenyang mining Electromechanical Factory1988
13Tube   Mill2.6×13m12.61321.628-291000Southwest   building materials supply station1989
14Tube   Mill3×9   m13917.52301000Shenyang   Dongling bakeshu cement factory1998
15Tube   Mill3×9   m13917.52301000Anhui   wanwei cement factory2000
16Tube   Mill3.8×13   m13.81316.3602500Dalian   Tianma cement factory2000
17Tube   Mill3.2×8.8   m13.28.817.750800Heilongjiang   small ridge iron and steel plant2002
18Tube   Mill3.5×11   m13.51116.5801800Wuhai   Inner Mongolia cement factory2002
19Tube   Mill3×12   m131217.6381450Wuhai   Inner Mongolia cement factory2002
20Tube   Mill4.2×13   m14.2131675/1503550Jidong   Cement Company2005
21Tube   Mill3.8×13   m13.81316.3602500Kazakhstan2006
22Tube   Mill4.2×13   m14.2131675/1503550Russian   cement plant2008
23Tube   Mill4.2×14.5   m14.214.515.680/1754000Ethiopia   cement factory2008
24Tube   Mill4.2×13   m14.2131675/1503550Brazil   cement grinding station2011
25Tube   Mill4.2×13   m24.2131675/1503550Shanxi   Xishan Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.2013
26Tube   Mill4.2×14.5   m14.214.515.680/1754000Ethiopia   cement factory2014

   Raw     material vertical Mill Performance(1990-2015) 
Medium Diameter of millstone(mm)Roller   Diameter(mm)capacity(t/h)Power(kW)Speed(r/min)
1Raw   material vertical millMLS24172245017507563029.5Harbin   Heilongjiang cement factory1990
2Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Dali   Yunnan Cement Group2001
3Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Ningxia   Xixia cement factory2002
4Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Fujian   Fulong India Cements Limited2003
5Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Gansu   Western Cement Company Limited2004
6Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Yunnan   Junfeng cement company2005
7Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Chinese   Building Materials Equipment Co. Ltd. (Vietnam bien project)2007
8Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Chenxi   Hunan China Cement Co., Ltd.2008
9Raw   material vertical millMLS26191265019009071028.1Shougang   Jingtang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.2009
10Raw   material vertical millMLS3123131502300150112025Hubei   Beijing Portland Cement Co. Ltd.2004
11Raw   material vertical millMLS3123131502300150112025Hubei   Zhongsha cement company2004
12Raw   material vertical millMLS3123231502300150112025Deyang   Livan Busen cement company2006
13Raw   material vertical millMLS3123131502300150112025Shimen   Hunan special India Cements Limited2007
14Raw   material vertical millMLS3123231502300150112025Hubei   Sanyuan Beijing Portland group India Cements Limited2007
15Raw   material vertical millMLS3123231502300150112025Dazhou   Leeson India Cements Limited2008
16Raw   material vertical millMLS3123131502300150112025Liangshan   is a India Cements Limited2008
17Raw   material vertical millMLS3424134502430180130024Beijing   cement plant1992
18Raw   material vertical millMLS3424234502430180130024Pakistan1995
19Raw   material vertical millMLS3424234502430180130024Conch   Group di Port cement plant1999
20Raw   material vertical millMLS3424134502430180130024Qijiang   Chongqing KELONG cement company2004
21Raw   material vertical millMLS3424134502430180130024Wanzhou   Chongqing KELONG India Cements Limited2004
22Raw   material vertical millMLS3424134502430180130024India   Bora project2008
23Raw   material vertical millMLS3424134502430180130024Cement   factory of Aluminum Inc of the Great Wall of China2008
24Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Conch   Group Fengyang cement factory2001
25Raw   material vertical millMLS3626236002650190195024Conch   Group Zongyang cement factory2001
26Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Jiangxi   Fenyi conch cement Limited by Share Ltd2002
27Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Hebei   Qu Zhai cement factory2002
28Raw   material vertical millMLS3626236002650190195024Luquan   City, Qu Zhai cement company2003
29Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Chifeng   Yuanhang cement company2004
30Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Ningxia   Qingtongxia cement company2004
31Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Ningxia   Lanshan horse cement company2005
32Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Zhejiang   Jiangle Red Lion cement company2005
33Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Hunan   Shaofeng building materials limited liability company2006
34Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Yunnan   Yuheng cement company2006
35Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Dali   cement (Group) Co., Ltd.2007
36Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024China   International Engineering Co., Ltd.2007
37Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024China   Railway twenty-three Bureau Group East India Cements Limited2007
38Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Akesu   Tianshan Cement Co., Ltd. Kashi branch2007
39Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Fenyi   Conch Cement Co. Ltd.2007
40Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Chifeng   Yuanhang cement limited liability company2008
41Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Zunyi   saide cement limited liability company2008
42Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Ningxia   Qingtongxia cement Limited by Share Ltd2008
43Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Chongqing   KELONG building materials (Group) Co., Ltd.2008
44Raw   material vertical millMLS3626236002650190195024Sinoma   Construction Co. Ltd. (Chongqing Lafarge Yongchuan)2008
45Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Yunnan   male India Cements Limited2009
46Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Zhangye   Gansu Dragon Building Materials Co., Ltd.2009
47Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Guizhou   Kaiyang Zijiang India Cements Limited2009
48Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024India   Cements Limited in Tin Shui2009
49Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024Tongliao   Wulan Meng Dong India Cements Limited2009
50Raw   material vertical millMLS3626136002650190195024China   Wood Construction Co., Ltd.2010
51Raw   material vertical millMLS3726137502650240240023Beijing   Kasen Jianyan Building Materials Engineering Design Co. Ltd.2008
52Raw   material vertical millMLS3726237502650240240023Fujian   prosperous India Cements Limited2008
53Raw   material vertical millMLS3726137502650240240023Ethiopia2008
54Raw   material vertical millMLS3726137502650240240023Gansu   Sanyi cement limited liability company2009
55Raw   material vertical millMLS3726137502650240240023Howard   ock India Cements Limited2010
56Raw   material vertical millMLS3726137502650240240023Dali   Sande India Cements Limited2010
57Raw   material vertical millMLS4028140002850310310022.9Yunnan   Hongta Dianxi cement company2007
58Raw   material vertical millMLS4028140002850310310022.9KELONG   Chongqing stone pillars2009
59Raw   material vertical millMLS4028240002850310310022.9Pakistan   project2009
60Raw   material vertical millMLS4028140002850310310022.9Xinjiang   Kasen Building Materials Research Institute2013
61Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Conch   Group Tongling cement factory2002
62Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Conch   Group Chizhou cement factory2003
63Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Conch   Group Baimashan cement plant2005
64Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Shandong   Landscape Group Co., Ltd.2007
65Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Jiangxi   young cement Limited by Share Ltd2007
66Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Sichuan   Emei Jinding Cement Co., Ltd.2007
67Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Changshan   Zhejiang India Cements Limited2007
68Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Wanzhou   Chongqing KELONG India Cements Limited2007
69Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Jiangxi   South India Cements Limited (Yongfeng)2008
70Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A245003150400360021.6Shanxi   Fulong India Cements Limited2008
71Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Spring   group2008
72Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Guangxi   Yinfeng India Cements Limited2008
73Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Northwest   Venture Industrial Co., Ltd.2009
74Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A345003150400360021.6Hunan   South Cement Company Limited (Changde, Shaoyang, Leiyang)2009
75Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Luoyang   Xin'an electric power group Wanji cement2009
76Raw   material vertical millMLS4531A145003150400360021.6Hunan   Yunfeng India Cements Limited2011
77Raw   material vertical millMLS4500136002650240-260240025.7Shanxi   province Jinzhong Tonglida cement limited liability company2011
78Raw   material vertical millSLM4250134502450180-230200026.5Hebei   Qian Hao Jiade building materials limited company2012
79Raw   material vertical millSLM4750137502650270-300270024.5Ethiopia   Hao Leita Khabarovsk Shakespeare India Cements Limited2014