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Feeding Equipment

The feeding device refers to a rotary drum feeding device including a feeding funnel, a cylinder body and an end cover. The end cover is provided with a hole, and the end cover is connected with the barrel. The feeding device further includes a drum, a supporting device, and a transmission. The front port of the drum is flared and cooperates with the lower part of the feeding funnel, and the rear part of the drum is connected to the end cover hole, and the supporting device comprises a support ring and a support frame. The support frame is placed inside the support ring. The transmission includes a drive sprocket, a power system, and a chain. The drive sprocket is set on the drum, and the power system drives the drive sprocket through the chain to drive the drum to rotate. The utility model feeding device continuously rotates under the action of external force without changing the structure of the body, and at the same time, a spiral gripper is added at the top of the rotating drum, and the slag is continuously grasped into the rotary rotating drum to realize forced feeding. . It improves the feed capacity of the feed unit and enables full slag handling.
The feeder is used to supply materials uniformly or quantitatively from the storage bin or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment, which is an essential equipment for the automation of the flow operation.
The feeder is divided into two types: open type and closed type. Common feeders include electromagnetic vibrating feeders, rod vibrating feeders, and screw feeders.
  • GBZ Heavy Apron Feeder

    GBZ Heavy Apron Feeder

    Heavy duty apron feeder, with a strong conveying ability to transfer different bulk weight or different articles can be conveying to various material receiver, widely used as material handling process from the storage silo to the crusher, conveyors or others whatever in...

  • GBH Medium Type Apron Feeder

    GBH Medium Type Apron Feeder

    GBH medium type apron feeder is the old type with the know-how of Soviet Union Ural Heavy-duty Machinery Plant introduced in 1950s. It is a conveyor with chain as traction, generally installed under the storage bucket. When the chain panel operates, the machine feeds the...

  • OK Apron Feeder

    OK Apron Feeder

    The new medium panel feeding machine is designed on the base of Germany "O&K" technology, i.e. "O&K" panel. The machine is widely used for metallurgy, construction materials, chemical industry and coal industries. The materials with different...