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The bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer are divided into two types according to the structure of the boom type and the bridge type. Some equipments only have a function of reclaiming materials, called the bucket wheel reclaimer.
The bridge type bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer is divided into two types according to the bridge type: the door type and the bridge type.
1-door bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer: it has a gate-shaped metal frame and a liftable bridge. The gantry beam has a fixed and a movable and bi-directional stacking belt conveyor, and a tail car running along the gantry is arranged on the stock belt conveyor line on one side of the gantry. The plain bucket wheel is set on the trolley that can run along the lifting bridge through the circular raceway, the support wheel and the retaining wheel. The bridge is equipped with a belt conveyor. When stocking, the material is transferred to the stock belt conveyor through the belt conveyor and tail car, and finally dumped to the stockyard. Through the movement of the gantry and the operation of the stacking belt conveyor, the material is formed into a pile of a certain shape. When reclaiming, the horizontally running trolley and the bucket wheel rotating thereon continuously take the material, and the material is discharged to the bridge belt conveyor in the discharge area, and finally transferred to the stockyard belt conveyor to be transported away. The pile can be removed by the lifting of the bridge and the operation of the gantry.
2 bridge bucket wheel reclaimer: The main difference between the structure and the door bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer is that it does not have a tall gantry, the bridge frame is fixed and not lifted, and is in a lower position; there is no stacking belt Conveyor and tail car; there is a magazine fixed on the trolley in front of the bucket wheel (Figure 3). When the trolley is running, the material hopper moves along the end face of the pile, so that the bulk material on the bottom slides down, so that the bucket wheel can take the material. The material can also make the materials stacked by the stacker according to different materials piled up while sliding, so it is often called the bridge bucket wheel mixing and reclaiming machine.
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