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A Stacker that picks up, transports, and stacks pallets or picks up unit cargo from a high-rise shelf (see unitized transport). It is a kind of warehouse equipment (see material handling machinery), which is divided into two types: bridge stacking crane and roadway stacking crane (also known as roadway crane).
The stacker is a special lifting equipment for the overhead three-dimensional stock taking unit. The height of the warehouse is up to 45 meters, and the stacker runs in the roadway between the shelves.
Equipment type
Single deep stacker, double deep stacker, multi-deep stacker, transfer stacker, special stacker.
The stacker is divided into a single column and a double column structure. The fork is made up of two types of forks and two types of forks, which correspond to different pallet forms. For non-standard goods, modules can be combined with the stacker by special access devices. Stacker can improve warehouse area and space utilization and storage system operation efficiency, high degree of automation and reduce manual intervention.
  • Side Boom Stacker

    Side Boom Stacker

    Side boom stacker is a kind of large-scale homogenizing process machine developed for storing and blending bulk materials such as limestone, sandstone and raw coal mainly in fields like metallurgy industry, mines, building material industry, chemical industry and cement...

  • Travelling Tripper

    Travelling Tripper

    Travelling tripper is a machine for stacking and storing bulk materials such as limestone, sandstone, and coal in longitudinal stockyards. The telescopic chute equipped for the machine stacking unit is used for minimizing dust emissions to maintain a clean and dust free...