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Metallurgy Equipment

The metallurgical special equipment manufacturing industry belongs to capital, technology and labor-intensive industries. Most of the products are manufactured in small batches in small quantities, with long manufacturing cycle and large amount of capital. This has formed a pattern dominated by large enterprises in the metallurgical special equipment manufacturing industry.
The blast furnace is the main steelmaking equipment of metallurgical enterprises, especially steel production enterprises. The performance of the blast furnace directly affects the quality of the steel. Therefore, how to improve the maintenance and maintenance level of the blast furnace and maximize the high-performance operation time of the blast furnace, It has always been the top priority for metallurgical enterprises.
At present, in the process of using the blast furnace, the main faults and problems are concentrated on the damage of the cooling wall, which causes many reasons for the damage of the cooling wall. Moreover, due to the complicated internal structure of the blast furnace, once the failure occurs, the maintenance technology is difficult, which will seriously affect the normality of the enterprise. Production, therefore, is very important for the maintenance and maintenance of the blast furnace.
  • Traveling Grate

    Traveling Grate

    In order to meet the needs of the continuous development of iron and steel industry, China has attached great importance to the construction of modern pellet industry in recent years. Chain grate machine rotary kiln oxidation pellet production line process is widely used in...

  • Belt Sintering Machine

    Belt Sintering Machine

    Belt sintering machine is suitable for the sintering operation of large black metallurgical sintering plant. It is the main equipment in the process of ventilating and sintering. It can sinter the different composition and different grain concentrate and rich ore powder into...

  • Peletizing Disc

    Peletizing Disc

    The disc pelletizer is a device for making raw balls in the pellet production process. When the disk rotates around the central axis (or centerline), the ball is rolled down the bottom of the disc. The fine particles are scattered on the surface of the damp coda ball, so that...

  • Mixing Drum

    Mixing Drum

    The cylinder mixer is one of the main equipment of the sintering plant. The sintered ore raw material is wetted and mixed, so that the mixture moisture, the particle size and the ingredients are evenly distributed. The fine particles material in the sinter are made in to...

  • Rotary Kiln

    Rotary Kiln

    Rotary kiln has been used for building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environment protection etc industries. It can be classified by handling different materials, such as cement kiln, metallurgy-chemical kiln and limekiln. Cement kiln is mainly used for cement...

  • Cylinder Cooling Machine

    Cylinder Cooling Machine

    High-temperature materials produced by rotary kilns are often cooled by a cooler to a certain temperature before transport, storage and the next step. As needed, the cooler can recycle a large amount of heat from the high temperature material with air. Preheat combustion air...

  • Annular Cooler

    Annular Cooler

    Annular cooler is the main equipment for the pellet process and sintering process. And it is a very common cooling equipment which is widely used in sintered ore and pellet cooling. The main function has two aspects: blast cooling the rotary kiln discharged calcination high...