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Cooling Machine

A cooling machine is a machine that achieves refrigeration by vapor compression or absorption cycles. These liquids can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the air or equipment. The steam compression chillerconsists of four main components of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, part metering device). These machines can be used to achieve different refrigerants, refrigerants for absorption cooling machines and municipal water-based silica gels as desiccants. Absorption cooling machines use water as a refrigerant and rely on water and lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong affinity for refrigeration.
A cooling machine is a cooler that processes large quantities of material. Due to its reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, pharmaceutical and mining industries.
Rotary cylinder coolers are generally suitable for granular materials, and can also be used to partially melt materials to cool sticky paste materials or higher temperature materials. His advantages are large production capacity, light application range, low flow resistance, large fluctuation range in operation, and convenient operation.
These cooling machines can be used in the production of compound fertilizers, cooling fertilizers of a certain temperature and particle size, and used in conjunction with dryers. It can greatly increase the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and increase production. Further remove some of the moisture and reduce the grain temperature of the compound fertilizer. At the same time, it can be used for cooling other powdery and granular materials. The chiller has compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance and strong adaptability.
  • Cylinder Cooling Machine

    Cylinder Cooling Machine

    High-temperature materials produced by rotary kilns are often cooled by a cooler to a certain temperature before transport, storage and the next step. As needed, the cooler can recycle a large amount of heat from the high temperature material with air. Preheat combustion air...

  • Annular Cooler

    Annular Cooler

    Annular cooler is the main equipment for the pellet process and sintering process. And it is a very common cooling equipment which is widely used in sintered ore and pellet cooling. The main function has two aspects: blast cooling the rotary kiln discharged calcination high...