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Pelletizing Equipment

Pellet is one of the important methods of powder ore agglomeration. Firstly, the powder ore is added with appropriate amount of water and binder to make a green ball with uniform viscosity and sufficient strength. After drying and preheating, it is calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere to form a pellet and form a pellet. This method is particularly suitable for the treatment of concentrate fines. Pellet ore has better cold strength, reducibility and particle size composition. In the steel industry, pellets and sinter are also important blast furnace charge materials, which together constitute a better charge structure. Also used in non-ferrous metal smelting.
The roasting equipment of the pellet mine mainly includes three types of shaft furnace, belt type roasting machine and chain grate-rotary kiln. Roasting in a shaft furnace, the equipment is simple and easy to operate. China has made breakthroughs in shaft furnace roasting technology. The belt roasting machine is mainly of Dravo-Lurgi type, which has the advantages of large single machine capacity, waste heat utilization system, simple and reliable equipment and convenient operation. It is the main equipment for the world's pellet roasting, and the pellets produced account for more than half of the world's total production. The grate-rotary kiln has the advantages of uniform roasting and large single-machine capability, but there are many equipment links.
The metallurgical enterprise presses the powdery material into pellets through the pelleting equipment, and re-melts the smelting, which expands the use range of the materials; the refractory material presses the powder into pellets through the pelleting equipment, and improves the purity of the materials after calcination; The pelleting equipment uses pulverized coal to form pellets to produce gas briquettes, which can reduce consumption and increase income. These are all examples of the use of pellet technology by various types of companies.
  • Peletizing Disc

    Peletizing Disc

    The disc pelletizer is a device for making raw balls in the pellet production process. When the disk rotates around the central axis (or centerline), the ball is rolled down the bottom of the disc. The fine particles are scattered on the surface of the damp coda ball, so that...

  • Mixing Drum

    Mixing Drum

    The cylinder mixer is one of the main equipment of the sintering plant. The sintered ore raw material is wetted and mixed, so that the mixture moisture, the particle size and the ingredients are evenly distributed. The fine particles material in the sinter are made in to...

  • Rotary Kiln

    Rotary Kiln

    Rotary kiln has been used for building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environment protection etc industries. It can be classified by handling different materials, such as cement kiln, metallurgy-chemical kiln and limekiln. Cement kiln is mainly used for cement...