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Dewatering Equipment

In the process of mineral processing, it is often necessary to dry the minerals, and dehydration equipment is required. The water in the mineral includes the water in the mineralization process, the water extracted, the processing and transportation, and the water added during storage. These moistures are present in minerals in different forms. There are usually four forms: combined with moisture, combined with moisture, capillary moisture, and free moisture. Dewatering equipment is also commonly referred to as dryers, drying kilns, and the like. Commonly used are single cylinder dryers, double cylinder dryers and three cylinder dryers. Customers can choose between different drying minerals and production needs.
working principle:
The main component of the dewatering equipment is the liner. A small hole is placed around the liner, and the clothes to be dehydrated are placed in the liner. The motor drives the inner cylinder to rotate at a high speed by the belt to generate a large centrifugal force. The water is thus pulled out through the small hole in the inner tank, and is collected and discharged uniformly.
Mineral dehydration method:
(1) Gravity dehydration: refers to dehydration achieved by gravity, mainly used for dehydration of coarse-grained minerals, and can remove free water. The main equipment includes natural gravity dewatering (dewatering buckets and dewatering bins) and gravity concentrated dewatering (concentrators and sedimentation tanks).
(2) Mechanical force dehydration: refers to the separation of water and materials realized by mechanical force, which can remove free water. The main equipment includes sieve dewatering (vibrating screen), centrifugal dewatering (filter centrifugal dewatering machine and decanter centrifugal dewatering machine) and filtration dewatering (vacuum dewatering machine, plate and frame filter press and pressure filter).
(3) Thermal energy drying: refers to dehydration that uses heat to vaporize water in minerals, and removes capillary water, combined water and bound water in minerals. The main methods include thermal drying and sun exposure.
Gravity dewatering equipment - thickener
Mechanical dewatering equipment
Filter dewatering equipment: vacuum drum filter, disc filter, horizontal tape vacuum filter, filter press.
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