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Power Plant Equipment

The main equipment of the power plant includes:
Primary fan: It is a dry fuel. It can feed fuel into the furnace. Centrifugal fans are generally used.
Blower: used to overcome the air preheater, air duct, burner resistance, transport combustion wind, and maintain fuel full combustion.
Induced draft fan: removes the flue gas, maintains the furnace pressure, forms a flowing flue gas, and completes the heat exchange between the flue gas and the air.
Coal mill: grinding the raw coal into fine coal powder, and separating and drying the coarse powder.
Air preheater: The air preheater is a heat exchange device that uses the heat of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler to heat the air required for combustion. It can improve boiler efficiency, increase combustion air temperature, and reduce fuel incomplete combustion heat loss. The air preheater is divided into a heat conduction type and a rotary type. The rotary type transmits heat of the flue gas to the heat storage element, and the heat storage element transmits heat to the primary and secondary air, and the air leakage coefficient of the rotary air preheater is 8 to 10%.
Furnace water circulation pump: used to establish and maintain the circulation of the internal medium of the boiler, and complete the process of heating the medium circulation.
Burner: The primary air carrying the pulverized coal and the secondary air supporting the combustion are sent into the furnace and a certain air flow structure is organized. It enables the coal powder to catch fire quickly and stably, and at the same time, the coal powder and the air are reasonably mixed to achieve rapid and complete combustion of the coal powder in the furnace. Pulverized coal burners can be divided into two categories: DC burners and swirl burners.
  • MB Beater Wheel Coal Mill

    MB Beater Wheel Coal Mill

    NHI introduced technology and began production of S and N series of two series of fan mill products in 1979 from the German company EVT. It is mainly used for grinding lignite which is easy grinding, volatile and high water, light abrasive. In 2004, to meet the large-scale...

  • MGS Double-inlet & Double-outlet Steel Ball Coal Mill

    MGS Double-inlet & Double-outlet Steel Ball Coal Mill

    Double-in and double-out pulverizer are used for pulverized coal, it is the main equipment of direct-fired pulverizing system. It is mainly used in the boiler island of large-scale thermal power plant. It can also be used in chemical, building materials and phosphate Powderd...

  • MP-G Medium Speed Coal Mill

    MP-G Medium Speed Coal Mill

    MPS medium-speed pulverizer is our company introduced technology products in 1986 from Germany. Through the digestion and absorption, we have developed independent intellectual property rights of the MP series of medium-speed coal mill, which is widely used in electric power,...